Over the past year I have learned a lot of internet marketing theory.  But moving from theory to practice has been very hard for me because the rewards of every thing I tried were not encouraging substantial more effort in that direction.

One of the main things I learned out of all the theory is to be the kind of person I myself like to interact with about advice and purchasing choices, not a hyper sales guy.  So I will continue making recommendations with regularity, but based on my experience and with the reasoning behind it, not just to be selling the latest thing.

The big shift in this site then will be the change of focus to more of a diary of my experiments, so you can “watch over my shoulder” as I continue learning.  And I will be playing with the look-and-feel of the site and totally solicit your comments about the site and topics.

The previous post about my first review site, http://operationquickstart.info, was implementing a technique I picked up from a product I think I can now recommend, GoogleSniper, since the info site is starting to get ranked on Google and starting to pull traffic.