Well, it’s been quite a few months since anything has been posted here.  I’ve been busy testing various products and approaches to marketing and am now ready to start reporting on those activities, so you will start seeing some regular tips now.

I have to tell you about the most amazing thing today.  I’ve long been interested in various ways to improve my efficiency of thinking and doing, including especially addressing my chief bad habits — getting distracted and procrastinating.  Most of the products and books in this area are about positive thinking without detailed techniques to accomplish change.

But I have encountered a science-based audio product which in only 3 days has boosted my productivity through the roof, and cut my procrastination to almost none!  And I’m not even using it as recommended, with eyes closed, but instead just playing the sound pattern in the background for 1 hour during my ordinary morning routine.

It is a bargain to get started with … give it a try ==> Mind Power.

More, soon on the next tip …