What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is software which permits sending a sequence of emails at set intervals to a list of mailboxes.

There can be any number of mail sequences in operation at a time, and any recipient can be receiving emails from several of them.

Why do I need an autoresponder?

– To continue building the trust relationship with prospects and clients

– To communicate availablity of new products and services

What are the essential features of an autoresponder?

–  Deliverability – they can’t read it if it doesn’t get to their mailbox

– Trackability – don’t do anything in business without being able to measure its results

  • Split testing (only needed to maximize results)
  • Surveys

What kinds of autoresponder are there?

– Private, self managed — these are excluded here because it is way too difficult to manage your own mail server and not get blacklisted.

– Free — unfortunately this is one area where the costs of successfully running an an email service must eventually be paid.  The free services provide lousy deliverability, usually tack on their own ads and/or graduate you to paid service fairly quickly.

Professionally managed autoresponder services are the only ones recommended.  There are several top-notch ones to choose from.

According to these criteria, I am recommending these autoresponders in order of deliverability.

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Disclosure: Each autoresponder recommended pays a commission.  Other autoresponders do as well, but I only recommend these, being the best of breed.