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One of my favorite tweets is by Mark Twain, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” But building a business foundation on theory that sucks is not the place to apply this aphorism.  You want the foundation to be fairly solid. One of the foundational pieces of an information marketing business implemented on the internet […]

Over the past year I have learned a lot of internet marketing theory.  But moving from theory to practice has been very hard for me because the rewards of every thing I tried were not encouraging substantial more effort in that direction. One of the main things I learned out of all the theory is […]

Wow!  I just finished my first product review site, for Jeff Johnson’s Operation Quick Start, going on sale at 3pmEST. I would be very grateful for any feedback about it, or the site.  Please leave comments directly on the site …

I have been studying the internet marketing scene long and hard with a view to designing a viral system that would truly work for all concerned. A viral system that inspires affiliates to maximum efforts by 70% + commissions on the front end and the entire backend. A viral system that would work just as […]

My very slow progress in this InternetMarketeering probably would have stalled out altogether and been abandoned if I had not followed the advice of my friend Corey Lewis and signed up for the “6000 emails every three days” package at ViralURL The annual cost (about $360) seemed a lot to me then, but I figured […]

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