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One of my favorite tweets is by Mark Twain, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

But building a business foundation on theory that sucks is not the place to apply this aphorism.  You want the foundation to be fairly solid.

One of the foundational pieces of an information marketing business implemented on the internet is List Building.  All the gurus talk about making continuous improvements in the process, and I’ve been doing a bunch of experiments with varioius autoresponders to find / figure out the best.

And, working on my most recent paid project, I noticed that MailChimp and aWeber were getting up to 1/2 and up to 1/3 of attempted signups not confirming that second email.  Now, that is one heck of a big hole to have in the foundation of your business.

So it got me to thinking, why do we have double-optin?  So we can’t be accused of spamming, right?  But everbody gets accused of spamming anyway, despite the double-optin.  So what if you did single optin?  Do any real businesses use single optin instead of double optin?

Boy was I surprised at the answer to that one!  A lot of really big businesses, and several very successful information marketers, use single optin, not double.

So, my next report will be an evaluation of single-optin autoresponders and how to use them responsibly.

Over the past year I have learned a lot of internet marketing theory.  But moving from theory to practice has been very hard for me because the rewards of every thing I tried were not encouraging substantial more effort in that direction.

One of the main things I learned out of all the theory is to be the kind of person I myself like to interact with about advice and purchasing choices, not a hyper sales guy.  So I will continue making recommendations with regularity, but based on my experience and with the reasoning behind it, not just to be selling the latest thing.

The big shift in this site then will be the change of focus to more of a diary of my experiments, so you can “watch over my shoulder” as I continue learning.  And I will be playing with the look-and-feel of the site and totally solicit your comments about the site and topics.

The previous post about my first review site,, was implementing a technique I picked up from a product I think I can now recommend, GoogleSniper, since the info site is starting to get ranked on Google and starting to pull traffic.

Wow!  I just finished my first product review site, for Jeff Johnson’s Operation Quick Start, going on sale at 3pmEST.

I would be very grateful for any feedback about it, or the site.  Please leave comments directly on the site …

I have been studying the internet marketing scene long and hard with a view to designing a viral system that would truly work for all concerned.

A viral system that inspires affiliates to maximum efforts by 70% + commissions on the front end and the entire backend.

A viral system that would work just as well for me as the vendor of my own product.

Now, instead of continuing to design it myself, I have discovered one that comes close to my ideal …

  • defeats commission stealing, unlike most clickbank products
  • 100% to 70% commissions on ranges of ingenious products
  • independent of search engine placement

Recommendation: take a look at its FREE ebook starting point.

My very slow progress in this InternetMarketeering probably would have stalled out altogether and been abandoned if I had not followed the advice of my friend Corey Lewis and signed up for the “6000 emails every three days” package at ViralURL The annual cost (about $360) seemed a lot to me then, but I figured it’s only a dollar a day, and how else am I going to find out if this stuff really works?

Well, that $1 a day has been the best investment I’ve made in the past few years.  It has doubled my money so far and at this rate will have tripled it by the end of the year.

I’m quite sure almost anyone can do much better than I have done.  My results are so poor because I’ve spent most of my time extricating myself from previous business arrangements which have succumbed to the malaise of the current recession.

But having noticed that I’m actually getting quite good results for almost no effort in a totally mindless attempt to find out if intermnet marketing could work, I am jazzed to dig in and really learn it now.